How do I apply to UX Academy after Foundations?

Completing Foundations

The final project in Unit 8 of Foundations consists of a 10-hour Design Challenge, which showcases the new UI skill set you’ve acquired throughout the course. Once you’ve completed the Design Challenge and it’s been approved by your mentor, you can submit a UX Academy application for the cohort of your choice. You'll find the link to the application in Unit 8 of the course platform.


Applying to UX Academy

When filling out the application form, make sure to select “I have completed a Designlab short course” and then select “UX Academy Foundations.” A space will appear to paste the link to your final project from the Designlab platform. Paste the URL in the box! 


Evaluation Criteria

One good thing to note is that applications are evaluated on a number of criteria not exclusive to your design challenge work. You can learn more about the prerequisite requirements in this Help Center article. Criteria that may impact your application also include: 

  • Failure to complete your Short Course on time 
  • Forfeiture of mentorship sessions 
  • Any level of unprofessionalism in your communication with other students, mentors, or the greater Designlab Team 

All of these factors will be taken into consideration when reviewing your application, and may result in either being placed on a waitlist, or not being accepted into UX Academy. 

Please note that admissions is never guaranteed, even if you complete UX Academy Foundations and have your final project approved by your mentor. 


Application Restrictions 

You can only apply to a given cohort once. If your application meets all of our entry criteria, you'll be invited to enroll in UX Academy to save your spot in the cohort. If our design reviewers think your project work is capable of reaching our entry requirements through a single round of iteration, you'll be offered the opportunity to iterate and resubmit your application for the same cohort. If you're unable to gain entry into UX Academy thereafter, you can apply again to any future cohort! However, priority in each cohort will be given to first-time applicants. 


Tuition Credit

You can read more about how the UX Academy Foundations tuition credit works here.



Reach out to the Admissions Team at or book a call, and we'll be happy to help!