Do I need to apply to UX Academy after Foundations?

Automatic Acceptance to UX Academy

Students who successfully complete UX Academy Foundations by fulfilling all of the following criteria are automatically accepted to UX Academy:

  • Complete all required units of Foundations coursework
  • Have the Final Design Challenge approved by your mentor
  • Hold at least 5 sessions with your mentor with no more than 1 forfeited session
  • Complete the course by the scheduled end date
  • Demonstrate professional and respectful communication with all members of the Designlab community

UX Academy Foundations students who meet all of the criteria for automatic acceptance will receive an invitation to enroll in UX Academy within 1–2 business days of successful completion of the course.

UX Academy Foundations students who don’t meet all of the criteria above can still apply to UX Academy via the application process outlined below and be admitted to the program following a review of their performance in the course.


Applying to UX Academy

Students who don’t fulfill all of the criteria for automatic acceptance to UX Academy are welcome — and encouraged! — to submit an application once they’ve completed UX Academy Foundations. The Admissions Team will review the student’s performance in the course to ensure we’re confident that the student is set up for success in UX Academy. 


How to Apply

  1. Submit the UX Academy application form
  2. When filling out the application form, make sure to select “I have completed UX Academy Foundations.” Copy and paste the link to your Final Design Challenge in the space that appears.
  3. The Admissions Team will review your application and respond within 4 business days.


Evaluation Criteria

The Admissions Team will review your application to ensure: 

  • Your design skills are at the necessary level for entry into UX Academy
  • You have a clear understanding of the expectations and requirements of UX Academy 

The Admissions Team might reach to ask for additional context as to why you didn’t complete the course on time, didn’t utilize at least 5 mentor sessions, or forfeited more than 1 session.

Please note: any level of unprofessionalism or disrespect in your communication with other students, mentors, or the Designlab Team will result in non-admission to UX Academy.


Application Restrictions 

You can only apply to a given cohort once. If your application meets all of our entry criteria, you'll be invited to enroll in UX Academy to save your spot in the cohort. If our design reviewers think your project work is capable of reaching our entry requirements through a single round of iteration, you'll be offered the opportunity to iterate and resubmit your application for the same cohort. If you're still not admitted after iterating, you can apply again to any future cohort, and the Admissions Team will be happy to provide guidance on the best next steps to be prepared for UX Academy.


Tuition Credit

Here’s more information about the UX Academy Foundations tuition credit.



Reach out to the Admissions Team at or book a call, and we'll be happy to help!