What can I expect on the self-paced track of UX Academy?

We are now offering a self-paced option for UX Academy students, at a recommended pace of 5-10 hours per week over 18 months. You can learn more about this option below. 


Please note: If you’d like to pursue the self-paced track of UX Academy, please reach out to us at admissions@designlab.com, as this option currently requires some behind-the-scenes work! 


UX Academy Guidelines: 


  • Students on the self-paced track have a flexible schedule. We recommend dedicating about 5-10 hours per week to the curriculum, for a completion timeline of approximately 18 months. 
  • How you choose to approach the curriculum is up to you. Students can take an unlimited amount of pauses or breaks, and choose to work more slowly or more quickly on a week-to-week basis. Unscheduled, unannounced, variable-length breaks from participating in the program are permitted. 
  • Students on the self-paced track have the same number of mentor sessions as other tracks and will be able to meet with their mentor up to 30 times. All mentor sessions must be utilized within 18 months from the cohort start date. 
  • Students are still required to attend Group Crits, with a minimum of 10 sessions and a maximum of 20 sessions over the 18-month run-time. 
  • Students on the self-paced track will have access to our Discord community and other community offerings. 


Career Services Guidelines:


  • Students will be eligible for Career Services as long as UX Academy is completed within 18 months from the start date of their course
  • Graduates will receive 26 sessions with a career coach, the same amount of sessions as other tracks. 
  • Graduates can access coursework and community services (peer sessions, portfolio clinics, and other events) for an extra 6 months after graduating. 


Tuition and refund policy: 


  • Students on the self-paced track are eligible for a refund of the course; however, students on the self-paced track are not eligible for our Tuition Reimbursement Policy. 
  • Students on the self-paced track are eligible for a full refund for the first two weeks of UX Academy, and a pro-rated refund up to 11 months from their start date in the program. 
  • The tuition for the self-paced track is the same price-point as other tracks: the total cost for the program is $7,749 USD.
  • Students who begin with UX Academy Foundations will still be able to use their $500 credit towards the self-paced track of UX Academy. 


Any questions? Please contact us at admissions@designlab.com to get in touch with our Admissions team. 


Please note that at this time, self-paced is only available for students starting March 2024 and beyond. Currently, students are not able to switch to the self-paced track from a previously selected track after a cohort has launched.