What will happen on launch day of UX Academy Foundations?

How can I prepare for launch day of UX Academy Foundations?

A new cohort of Foundations launches at the beginning of each month. Here's what to expect in the lead up to your course, and on launch day.

Onboarding steps after enrollment

After you enroll in UX Academy Foundations, you will be prompted to “Get Started” by setting up some important information for the start of your course. We’ll take you through the process of setting up your student profile, as well as ask some questions we’ll use to pair you with a mentor. Once you finish, you’ll be able to access the UX Academy Foundations learning platform. 

The platform is where you’ll be able to find all of your UX Academy Foundations curriculum, as well as engage with your mentor, once your course has launched. In the lead up to your start date, we encourage you to access the platform and check out some resources we have provided. This includes a course handbook, perks for design tools, how to join our Discord community, prep for mentor sessions, and more. 

Once your cohort goes live, your platform page will automatically give you access to the learning materials. 

Course launch time

UX Academy Foundations typically launches before 5PM EST on the day your course begins. You’ll be able to see the countdown to launch time right within the platform when you log in to your student account. If you still don't have access past 5PM EST, please reach out to admissions@designlab.com and we'll help you out! Otherwise, rest assured that your course will be launching soon.

You don't need to be in front of your computer right when the course launches. As long as you’ve set up your Student Profile and logged into the platform, you’ll be good to go. Keep an eye out for course launch emails that will give you access to the platform, introduce you to your mentor, and invite you to our Discord community.


If you need help with getting started in UX Academy Foundations, please reach out to admissions@designlab.com and we'll be happy to assist. Our team responds to emails within 24 hours on business days.