Staying Active in Career Services

Different from UX Academy, we understand that in Career Services, a lot of your job search may take place outside of the Designlab dashboard - from reaching out on Linkedin, to scheduling interviews via email, to tracking your applications in Huntr. Ultimately, the requirements of the course and resources we offer are there to support you in your job search how they work best for you. This said, the curriculum and cadence for Career Coach sessions were designed in this way to build your momentum in the job search and support you how we've seen it to be successful. 

With all this in mind, it's important that students are being communicative with both their Career Coach and the internal Designlab team if there's anything preventing them from remaining active in the program. 

As noted in our Career Services policies, students are required to maintain minimum activity requirements to remain enrolled in Career Services. If a student has not submitted work or met with their Career Coach for 2 or more weeks, our system will mark them as inactive. While inactive, students are not able to schedule sessions or submit work and will need to reach out to our CX Team to determine if they are eligible for reinstatement in the program. It’s important to note that being marked as inactive is not the same as being paused. 

If students are not meeting these requirements to stay active, they are at risk of being flagged inactive in Career Services, which can be grounds for withdrawal from the program and render them ineligible for the Tuition Reimbursement Policy. 

How do I stay active in Career Services?

  • Submit any overdue work 
  • Reach out to your Career Coach to schedule your next session via your Designlab dashboard
  • Reach out to our CX Team if you are struggling and are concerned about remaining active