Further Career Services and Networking Resources

The job search is no easy task, and we hope that you're leveraging all the resources available to you through your journey. 


Peer Sessions

In addition to working with your mentor on your job search game plan, consistently applying to jobs, and networking monthly, we'd encourage you to attend Career Services Peer Sessions for some group support led by a Career Coach. These are held on almost a daily basis, and you'll find the link to sign up for sessions via the link in your dashboard. 


Volunteering/Freelance Work

If your schedule allows it, we'd definitely recommend putting in some time towards a new project through volunteering or a freelance project. In addition to job listing sites, several opportunities are shared via the community Discord in the #junior-to-mid-level channel. 


Further Reading

If you're looking for an extra boost to your store of career search knowledge, we've compiled a list below of our best blog posts on networking, interviewing, and beyond.


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