Can I delay my Career Services launch?

Congratulations on graduating from UX Academy! 

Per our Career Services requirements, students are required to start Career Services immediately after graduating from UX Academy. This said, we absolutely understand that life happens and that there may be extenuating circumstances requiring you to take a break between graduation and beginning Career Services. If this is the case, students may choose to take a pause upon being launched in Career Services. Students are eligible to take 1 week of pause during Career Services. This pause time will not affect Tuition Reimbursement Policy eligibility or impact the duration of your enrollment in Career Services. We are able to approve up to 60 days of time away, but do note that taking any pause beyond your 1 standard week of pause will not extend your time in Career Services, and will render you ineligible for the Tuition Reimbursement Policy

The reasoning behind why we require students to work through Career Services without taking an extended pause, outside of wanting to maintain your job search momentum, is that when students need to take a long break from their job search, this often means losing touch with your design skills, making it more difficult to assess whether you are still a good candidate for the roles to which you are applying. We want to make sure that you're setting yourself up for success while taking care of yourself how you can.