I'm in Career Services and I'm not matched with a Career Coach in my location?

We know that having understanding of one job market might not apply directly to the next. We want to support students in their unique goals for their job searches how we can, so as UX Academy graduates begin their journey in Career Services, we do our best to match them with a Coach with expertise of students' specific job search locations. We ask students to indicate their primary and secondary job search locations upon graduation, and this helps inform our mentor matching process in Career Services. 

This said, taking into account ever-changing base of Coaches and mentees, and the numerous factors considered in mentor matching, we cannot guarantee that your Career coach will be based in your location. We do our best to ensure they have experience in your primary job search location and can support you in your job search needs. 

In the last 2 years, we've also seen that much of our community has taken advantage of working remotely - as such your Career Coach may not physically be present in your primary job search location at the time of pairing, but please rest assured that they have approved experience and expertise in that job market. 

For more information on how our Career Coaches are vetted and paired to students, please see here.