Falling Inactive in UX Academy

UX Academy was designed to be completed on either the Part-time (30 weeks) or Full-time track (15 weeks). It was structured in this way to ensure optimal success for our students, which is why it’s important that students try to adhere to those timelines as much as possible. 

We understand that things may come up that can take a student’s focus away from the course. This is why it is equally important that students are being communicative with both their mentor and the internal Designlab team if they are struggling to stay on track or if they are not able to work on the course for more than a few days. 

In order to maintain good standing in the program students should be:

  • Submitting the required amount of work each week
  • Having weekly calls with their mentor (once a week for part-time students and twice a week for full-time students)

If students are not meeting these requirements, they are at risk of being marked as inactive in UX Academy, which will impact their eligibility for the Tuition Reimbursement Policy, affect their ability to enter Career Services, and in more severe cases, can prevent you from graduating.


Different Enrollment Statuses in UX Academy

In order for us to be able to know how a student is doing in the course, we have different status indicators. These statuses are:


This is the status we assign to students that are actively submitting work and are having regular sessions with their mentors. 


If a student is taking time away from the course, they will need to request a pause so our team can assign the “Paused” status to their enrollment. This ensures that students that are not able to work on the course are not penalized for the time away.


If a student has not submitted work or scheduled sessions with their mentor for 2 or more weeks, our automated system will mark them as inactive. While inactive, students are not able to schedule sessions or submit work and will need to reach out to our Support Team to determine if they are eligible for reinstatement. It’s important to note that being marked as inactive is not the same as being paused


What to do to prevent being marked as inactive?

  • Submit any overdue work 
  • Reach out to your mentor to schedule your next session
  • Request a pause via your dashboard if you need additional time to catch up on work
  • Reach out to our Support Team if you are struggling and are concerned about getting back on track

Why is it important that I don’t fall inactive?

We are committed to helping our students to succeed in UX Academy, and we will always do our part to be empathetic and supportive of our students. With that said, we also ask that students do their due diligence in keeping us informed with as much notice as possible of any situations that arise that prevent them from progressing in the course. 

Inactivity is an indicator to us that a student is not working on the course as it was designed, which can hinder their success in the program. Without context on a student’s progress, it is impossible for us to provide the necessary support to help with wrapping up the program in a timely manner.


What happens if I am marked as inactive?

Because you will not be able to submit work or schedule sessions, you will need to get in touch with us to discuss possible reinstatement. Before we can reactivate your enrollment, our team will perform a thorough review of your enrollment, which includes (but is not limited to)::

  • Determining if you are behind in the coursework
  • If you have been having regular sessions with your mentor
  • If you have previously fallen inactive
  • If you have been communicating with our internal team and your mentor