The Polish Week

A polish week (previously known as a "buffer week") is a remedial week that your mentor requests if your Phase 1 work is not quite at the right level to enter Phase 2. It’s very important to note that a polish week is not a pause week and should not be used as such. There is only 1 polish week between Phase 1 and 2 and, if asked to utilize it, we will work with you and your mentor to come up with a plan to help get your work to the right level before proceeding onto Phase 2.


Can I request a polish week?

Students cannot request polish weeks. This is something only mentors can do in cases where they believe a student needs to further develop skills like visual design, research, etc.


Will I be able to view Phase 2 coursework during my polish week?

You will not be able to access Phase 2 coursework until your mentor gives us the signal that you are ready to start Phase 2/when your polish week is done.


If I need a polish week, will it cause me to fall behind?

Nope! We will adjust your enrollment by one week to reflect the polish week so there will be no effect on your course progress.


Can I use a polish week if I just need to catch up on coursework?

A polish week cannot be used as a pause week. If you find that you are struggling to stay on track, you can use a pause week to catch up. If you are still struggling after the pause, you can always reach out to us, and we will help out!