What can I expect after enrolling in UX Academy?

If you've enrolled in UX Academy or are about to enroll, we understand that you probably have some questions regarding what happens afterwards. This article will cover everything that happens during the enrollment process, and leading up to the launch day itself.

When you enroll

  • Deposit Fee: In order to reserve your spot in UX Academy, you will pay a $399 deposit fee at the point of enrollment which will go towards your tuition. Please note that this deposit fee is required in order to enroll, and it is not the same as your Design 101 discount which is also credited towards your tuition.
  • Set up your profile: In your confirmation email after enrollment, you will be led back to the Designlab site so you can fill out your profile information.
  • Pre-course survey: This is a crucial step in the enrollment process, which will help us figure out things like your payment plan option, your mentorship preferences, etc. We need this step to be done as quickly as possible after enrollment to ensure a smooth launch process.

After enrollment

  • Tuition Confirmation: After you fill out your pre-course survey, we will send you a confirmation email which details your tuition. If anything looks off, please let us know so we can fix it.  
  • Climb Credit: If you are paying via Climb Credit, ensure that you apply ASAP since your loan will need to be approved prior to being launched.
  • Final Tuition Reminder: The Wednesday before the course start date, we will send you a final confirmation email with your tuition details in case you'd like us to make any changes (i.e. you want to change your payment plan option). Please note that in order to send this, you will need to have your pre-course survey completed.
  • Student Agreement: This is the final pre-launch communication we will send before the course start date. The Thursday before the course start date, we will send your student agreement for you to sign. This is another crucial piece that needs to be taken care of before launch, as we will not be able to fully process your enrollment unless this is signed.

Launch day!

We're just as excited as you that you are about to embark on your UX/UI design journey - for all information regarding what to expect on the launch day, you can check out this article here