How do I get the most out of my short course?

Here are our top tips! You can read detailed versions of all these points here.

1. Get the right tools for the course. We recommend Sketch and Figma!

2. Turn the curated, in-house curriculum to your advantage. Note a few bullet points from each lesson, but keep up your momentum and don’t make the notes too detailed.

3. Make the most of the time with your mentor. We recommend discussing your aims at the start of each call. Here’s a sample agenda to help you.

4. Get involved with the community. There’s a discussion board for each short course.

5. Iterate on projects in response to feedback. You’ll supercharge your learning by creating at least one revised version on each project, based on critique from your mentor!

6. Don’t be afraid to copy. Copywork, like trying to reproduce the design of a website, can be an important learning tool. (But beware! This is not the same as plagiarism—you should never present someone else’s design work as your own.)

7. Stay on track. Our short courses are structured around units and weeks. Plan out your time and aim to make consistent progress. 

8. Stick to project time limits. Don’t be afraid to move on from a project: the course is all about making consistent progress.