What officially counts as participation in Group Crits? How can I make sure I earn credit for my attendance?

What constitutes “meaningful participation”?
This is about offering feedback that is thoughtful, and empathetic towards the person you are speaking to and the situation they are in. Your comments should always have the aim of helping your fellow students, so please consider how you can offer actionable critique to the best of your ability.
“I really like your choice of color palette—I wouldn’t have guessed that you’ve been struggling with it. One thing I find helpful when putting together a color palette is reminding myself to visualize how each color will be used. It’s like a mental checklist to test if your choices will work well for their intended purpose.”
“I’d recommend for the next time you’re conducting user research: focus on what exactly your research question is first before choosing your research method. My mentor said this to me once, and it’s led me to much stronger insights.”
“I think the placement of this icon is great, but maybe you can add a bit more nuance to its design? That might help the overall visual impact of this landing page. Small details go a long way in my opinion!”
What constitutes “poor participation”?
This is often the result of offering only short, uninsightful sentences without elaborating or explaining your reasoning. This doesn’t contribute to a healthy dialogue, and therefore aren’t counted as participation. 
“I think this is fine.”
“I like it, I don’t have anything else to add.”
“Maybe you should make your icons bigger.”
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