What should I talk about in Group Crits?

Group Crits are a place for you to practice articulating the thought process behind your design decisions. However, you’re not expected to only show completed work. It’s often the best use of the sessions to discuss work in progress, obstacles you’re facing, or anything else that’s on your mind from a design perspective.
If you don’t have any visual design to show on any given call, that’s not a problem. Group Crits are open for you to discuss your work, whatever stage you’re at in the design process. 
You’re welcome to join Group Crits as early as week 1. Even if you’re in your first week of UX Academy, please feel empowered to join and discuss what you’re learning! We recommend that you attend your first session no later than week 2. 
Each student on the call will have 7–10 minutes to present and discuss their work with the group. We still expect newer students to be active participants during Group Crit sessions. Making the effort to ask questions, or give constructive feedback, will count as participation.