How are Group Crit sessions different from my mentor sessions?

Mentor sessions are 1-on-1 calls for you and your mentor to discuss your work and progress. Think of this as the equivalent of meeting with your creative director, boss, or project manager. You’ll work with your mentor to get expert feedback on design work, and help you meet project requirements and deadlines.
Group Crits are peer-learning, group video sessions with other students. Their purpose is to give you opportunities to practice presenting your works, listening to critique, and offering constructive critique to others. Think of this as a design team meeting, where everyone comes together to share what they’ve been working on. 
In Group Crits, aim to provide a brief overview of what you’re working on, what issues you’re facing, what process you’ve followed, etc. By taking part in these sessions, you’ll learn how to speak about your work, and how to collaborate with other designers.