What resources can I offer my students who want help improving their writing and presentation skills?

There are times when a student may be having trouble communicating their design decisions or expressing themselves. The following resources and tools will help broaden their overall approach in articulation as a designer and instill confidence in communications within the industry.

Here are some online resources:


  • The Futur: a great place to learn tips of becoming a successful designer and presenting design. 


  • It’s Nice That: a blog with endless resources for design and creative inspiration.


  • Principles of Product Design: an article highlighting the importance of storytelling.



  • Writing for Designers: a great book for both new and seasoned designers.



  • 12 Writing Tips for Designers: a fantastic list written by our content lead.


For designers who want to improve their sentence structures, vocabulary, and grammar:


  • LanguageTool: a free proofreading software.


  • Duolingo: learn languages for free online or on your phone by playing a game with nice UI.


  • Grammarly: an online grammar checking and spell checking platform.