What should I do if I don’t pass portfolio review?

You will be able to graduate from UX Academy only when you have passed the portfolio review. If you don’t pass the portfolio review after your first submission, be on the lookout for an email from us about extending your course dates to allow you to make any required changes.

Having an industry-ready portfolio is essential to your success when you begin Career Services. Remember that it’s the first thing a hiring manager will look at when you apply for a position. Don’t think of not passing the portfolio review as a setback – it’s an opportunity to continue building your skills, and to make sure your portfolio and personal branding are as polished and professional as they can be.

Review all the feedback you received from the review and incorporate the necessary changes to strengthen your portfolio. If you need clarity on any of their comments, feel free to discuss this with your mentor, or reach out to us for clarification.

When you and your mentor feel confident about your changes, resubmit your portfolio using the link in the email with your initial panel results.


Please note the following based on your cohort launch date:

  • Students launched prior to May 23, 2022, will have up to 8 additional weeks and 4 additional mentor sessions to make these changes.
  • Students launched after May 23, 2022, will have up to 4 additional weeks and 2 additional mentor sessions to make these changes. This resubmission period has been adjusted due to the course length increase for cohorts launched after this date.
  • You can resubmit your portfolio multiple times during this window.


If you have any questions or concerns about your portfolio, please discuss them with your mentor. Your mentor will be able to help you make a game plan to tackle these changes and help you create the best portfolio possible!