How do mentors get a 1099 form for tax purposes?

If you get paid via Stripe

If we send your mentor payouts via Stripe, they are responsible for issuing a 1099-K to you. Stripe is only required to issue the form when certain payment thresholds are met (we are not aware of any Designlab mentors receiving form 1099-K from Stripe in the past). You can find more information here.

If you get paid via Paypal

If we send your mentor payouts via PayPal, your 1099-K is issued through their portal once you meet a certain threshold. You can find information here on how to determine this.  

If you have any questions regarding reporting your Designlab income for tax purposes, please consult with your tax advisor. Designlab does not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. This article is meant to be used for informational purposes only.