What are Group Crits? Am I required to attend Group Crits?

What are Group Crits?

Group crits are an integral part of the UX Academy program. Group Crit sessions are an opportunity to practice presenting work and listening to feedback in a peer-to-peer setting. Ideally, it mimics the kind of “design crit” you would experience working in a professional design studio. Importantly, it’s also a chance for you to practice giving feedback to others—another essential skill.

What are the requirements for Group Crits?

UX Academy students are required to fulfill their Group Crit session requirement by the end of Phase 2. 

  • Full-time students must attend 10 sessions**
  • Part-time students must attend 15 sessions**

Per our policies, you must attend the minimum number of Group Crits specified in the Program.

Some of your Group Crit session requirements may be excused by Designlab, for example in the case of certain holidays. In the case that Group Crits are specified as optional for a certain time period, you would not be required to make up those sessions.

Please note that you can only gain credit for 1 session per week. Unfortunately at this time, it is not possible to make up missed sessions by attending more sessions per week.


** This session requirement applies to UX Academy cohorts launched January 2023 onward. Students whose cohort launched prior to this date must adhere to the requirements stated in the Student Agreement signed at the start of their course.