I'm having issues with my short course mentor.

If you think you and your mentor are not a good fit, please refer to this article for information on how you can request to switch.

Similarly, if your mentor is failing to respond to your messages or leave timely feedback on your work, please let us know so that we can pair you with a new mentor if necessary.

However, we recognize that—very rarely—things are more serious than a personality clash or breakdown in communication. In these circumstances, we affirm our commitment to ensuring the safety and dignity of all members of the Designlab community.

If you feel that your mentor has behaved improperly, please let us know as soon as possible.

When we receive your report, we will investigate the circumstances thoroughly, and take appropriate steps to resolve the situation. These steps may include performance management for the mentor, or their permanent exclusion from the platform.

Your reports help us know when mentor conduct is falling below acceptable standards. We value and respect all such complaints, and commit to dealing with them conscientiously and in confidence.