I’m having trouble uploading work to the Designlab platform in UX Academy.

This is usually caused by attempting to upload files that are too large. Before uploading check that your file is a PNG, JPG or PDF, and that it’s below 5MB.

You might also find that uploads fail, or that your images are difficult to view, if the image resolution is too low or too high.

Here are some tips to overcome this:

  • When you create a new artboard for your project in Sketch, Figma, or whatever software you’re using, make sure that you choose an appropriate size. In Sketch or Figma, if you press “A”, you can choose from standard screen size options in the Inspector (the panel on the right of the screen).
  • Particularly when you’re new to digital design, it can be difficult to get a sense of the scale of what you’re working on. In Sketch, you can zoom to actual size (100%) view by pressing Command 0 (zero). In Figma, it’s Shift 0 (zero).
  • Another way to establish a sense of scale is to take a screenshot of a website or app, and paste it directly into Sketch or Figma. You can place it next to your artboard to give yourself a guide for text size, spacing, and the size of elements.

For tips on uploading multi-image files to the platform, check out this article!