I’m just starting my short course. When should I schedule my first call?

All our short courses are four weeks long, and you can have up to four calls with your mentor within that time. Generally, we think the ideal pattern for mentor calls is for you to spend a week on the coursework, and then meet with your mentor to review that week’s work.

So, for example, if your Design 101 course starts on a Friday, you could aim to spend a week on the first batch of course content, and schedule a meeting for the following Thursday or Friday to talk through your projects.

We don’t recommend having the first meeting with your mentor if you haven’t started on the coursework—aim to hit at least 20% progress in the course before you have that first mentor call.

The reason we say this is that you probably won’t have much to talk about with your mentor if you don’t have any work to review—and this can put you at a disadvantage for the rest of the course.

Remember that you can always reschedule calls with your mentor, but you should make sure to give 24 hours’ notice or risk forfeiting that mentor session.