Design 101 vs UI Design: What's the difference?

Design 101 is a beginner-level course that helps you to build a firm foundation in design principles. You practice applying your new knowledge of design concepts and techniques through 16 hands-on projects, and get feedback from your 1-on-1 mentor to help you iterate and improve.

This course focuses on covering the basics, and helping you learn how to generate original ideas and communicate like a designer. By the end of Design 101, we hope that you will have much greater confidence in your own design abilities, providing a platform for further study.

UI Design builds on the skills gained in Design 101. The course covers some of the same areas, but adds depth to your understanding of design principles by covering how they apply to the specific challenges involved in designing user interfaces. 

If particular, you will be diving more deeply into color theory, typography, and visual hierarchy, and learning how to make better decisions in these areas in the context of website and app design. Design 101 is not a formal prerequisite for UI Design, but you should be aware that UI Design does assume an entry level of design knowledge.

In both courses, you'll receive regular written feedback from your 1-on-1 mentor, and will have four video calls with them during the course to discuss your work in more depth and cover any other questions.

Here's an example of what you'll do in Design 101 versus what you'll do in UI Design.