Leveraging AI tools for Effective Design Mentorship

Let’s explore how you can effectively integrate AI-generated content from tools like ChatGPT and Gemini into your mentorship feedback practices to save time and maximize your efficiency.


  • Direct copy-paste from your AI-generated content, this is always going to read like that’s what you’ve done.
  • Large bodies of design advice that is generic and repetitive (again, typical of AI-generated content tone of voice).

Balancing AI-generated content with personalized mentorship:

  • Reflect on your unique design experiences and perspectives, and consider how using AI-generated content can complement your mentorship style.
  • Integrate AI-generated insights thoughtfully into your feedback, enhancing rather than overshadowing your personal touch.
  • Edit and co-write with AI-generated content within the context of your authentic mentorship voice, maintaining a balance between automation and human connection.

Empowering your students to confidently navigate AI as a tool:

  • Facilitate discussions on how AI tools can supplement critical thinking and problem-solving skills, encouraging active engagement and collaboration.
  • Discuss with your students the strengths and limitations of using AI as a tool to generate design decisions. 
  • Guide students in discerning between generic responses and valuable insights.
  • There are more tips for your students in this Help Center Article

Remember, AI tools should enhance—not replace—your role as a mentor. By integrating these tools thoughtfully and empowering your students to navigate them effectively, you can create a more enriching and personalized mentorship experience.