How to use AI as a Tool for your Designs

Let’s discuss how you can use AI-generating content tools like ChatGPT and Gemini to enhance your learning experience, amplify your designs and succeed in your design journey. By embracing AI tools as valuable resources in your design toolkit and combining them with your own critical thinking skills, you can enhance your design journey.


Ways you can use AI tools to amplify your design work:

  • As a brainstorming partner to generate ideas and suggest approaches to design challenges, which you can then build off of.
  • To generate generic user research recruitment plans, interview guides, and generic user archetypes that you can use to guide your next steps.
  • To quickly analyze your designs for best practice feedback - be aware that the feedback will err on standardized best practices, which may be out of date.
  • To provide feedback on your case studies, CV, bio or cover letter, which you can then edit.
  • To efficiently generate content for your wireframes, and your case studies. Be aware that AI-generated content can be generic, confusing, repetitive and incorrect, so be prepared to edit the content thoroughly.

Balancing AI-generated content with your earning journey to be a designer:

  • Remember that AI tools are meant to supplement your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, not replace them entirely.
  • Be discerning when interpreting AI-generated feedback, considering its relevance and applicability to your specific project.
  • Avoid relying solely on generic responses from AI, and instead, seek to understand the underlying principles and insights they provide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experiment with AI tools to discover how they can enhance your design process and learning experience.
  • Approach AI-generated feedback with a critical mindset, evaluating its usefulness and relevance to your projects.
  • Seek guidance from your mentor on how to effectively integrate AI tools into your design practice and leverage them to achieve your goals.