What is the Designlab Happiness Promise?


At Designlab, we’re dedicated to providing top-tier educational experiences that empower our students to achieve their learning and career aspirations. The Designlab Happiness Promise (available for all our Advanced Courses) is our commitment to ensuring your educational journey with us is valuable and fulfilling.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Designlab Happiness Promise, you must:

  • Successfully complete the course, including completing all lessons, attendance of all sessions, and timely submission of all assignments (within 48 hours of peer group sessions).
  • Actively engage in mentor sessions and peer discussions.
  • Fill out the course feedback survey to share your experience and suggest improvements.

Claim Process

If you believe the course didn’t meet your expectations after meeting the above criteria, you may claim under the Designlab Happiness Promise:

  • Notification: Inform us of your dissatisfaction within 7 days after the course ends, detailing your concerns and how the course did not match your expectations, via email to our support team.
  • Review: Our team will assess your claim, considering your participation, assignment submissions, and feedback. This may involve additional questions or requests for more information to thoroughly understand your experience.
  • Resolution: Upon approving your claim, we will offer one of the following remedies:
    • A complete refund of your course fees.
    • A chance to retake the course at no additional cost in the next cohort, with extra support tailored to your feedback.
    • Alternative educational resources or courses that may better suit your needs, depending on availability.

Limitations and Conditions

  • The Happiness Promise applies to Advanced Courses offered by Designlab and is not valid for other courses or services.
  • Claims should be based on the educational quality, mentorship, or content of the course. Dissatisfaction stemming from personal reasons, external factors, or changes in career objectives will not qualify.
  • The pledge is valid for the original course purchaser only and is not transferable.
  • Each student is entitled to one claim per course.

Contact Information

For questions about the Designlab Happiness Promise or to initiate a claim, please reach out to our support team at hello@designlab.com. Our aim is to support you and ensure that your educational experience with Designlab is successful and satisfying.