How Often Should I Schedule Sessions in UX Academy?

Mentor sessions should be scheduled in alignment with the course modules below:


Phase 1 14 Sessions   Phase 2 16 Sessions
Module 1 1 Session   Module 1 2 Sessions
Module 2 3 Sessions   Module 2 4 Sessions
Module 3 1 Session   Module 3 4 Sessions
Module 4 1 Session   Module 4 4 Sessions
Module 5 3 Sessions   Module 5 2 Sessions
Module 6 2 Sessions      
Module 7 3 Sessions      


If you are fully on track in your course on either the full-time or part-time track, these sessions will align with the expected cadence of session scheduling for your track:


  • 2 weekly sessions for Full-time
  • 1 weekly session for Part-time

However, if you fall behind by one or more weeks, it is important that you adjust your session scheduling cadence to reflect your actual progress in the course. This may mean postponing 1 or more weekly sessions until adequate progress has been made in the current Module. 


Students alone are responsible for using their sessions at the appropriate cadence and mentors are not responsible to monitor session use on their behalf. 


If you run out of sessions before the end of the current Phase, you may reach out to the team at to purchase additional sessions.