What will I learn in the Design 101 course?

Design 101 is a beginner-level course that helps you to build a firm foundation in design principles. You practice applying your new knowledge of design concepts and techniques through 16 hands-on projects, and get feedback from your 1-on-1 mentor to help you iterate and improve.

This course focuses on covering the basics, and helping you learn how to generate original ideas and communicate like a designer. By the end of Design 101, we hope that you will have much greater confidence in your own design abilities, providing a platform for further study.

If you don't have previous experience with design software, that's not a problem. We recommend you check out this article for some reassurance, and then explore some of our recommended design tools. Your mentor will also be able to help you learn software skills during the course.

You can read more about the format of our short courses, and you can check out some past Design 101 student work.

If you'd like to continue learning after Design 101, we have other 4-week courses, including UI Design, and UX Research and Strategy. We also offer UX Academy, a longer design intensive to help you switch careers into UX Design.


One good thing to note is that while Design 101 will provide you with knowledge and understanding towards the basics in UI Design, it does not fulfill the prerequisite requirement needed for UX Academy. If you're looking to take the prerequisite course towards applying for UX Academy, you'll want to start out with UX Academy Foundations, which you can enroll in here