How does the deposit work? Do you offer discounts or payment plans?


Once you're accepted into UX Academy, you'll put down a $399 deposit which will go towards your UX Academy tuition. You'll pay off the remaining tuition either up-front or in monthly payments, starting on the first day of the course.



We offer discounts off UX Academy for every short course you take with Designlab. All students who take UX Academy Foundations as a prerequisite for UX Academy receive a credit towards tuition too:

  • UX Academy Foundations discount: $500
  • Other Designlab short course discount: $150 per course


Payment Plans

1. Climb Credit

You can easily see what your options will be with Climb Credit's extended payment plans by submitting a quote through their Designlab page (it takes about 5 minutes to generate and only requires a soft credit check).

If approved, you'll have 2 options:

  • Fully-Deferred Grace plan, where you pay $0 for the first 6 months and then around $215 thereafter.
  • Interest-Only plan, where you pay $60-80 for the first 6 months and then around $200 thereafter.

Climb Credit tends to quote people an interest rate around 7%. This is a fixed rate, it does not increase, and you have up to 3 years to pay off the loan.

What's good to note is you are not penalized for paying more than they ask, so students sometimes budget for Climb Credit payments ranging between $400 - $550 per month. That way, the loan is paid within a year or less, without accruing much interest.

Please note: Climb Credit services $7,350 maximum. This is the remainder of the Academy tuition after students are asked to put down a $399 deposit (which must be paid out of pocket). If you took UX Academy Foundations, Climb Credit would lend you $6,850 in consideration of your discount.

2. Designlab 6-Month Payment Plan

We also offer a 6-month payment plan that comes with a $400 servicing fee, if you do not want to pay upfront. You will be able to select the payment plan option in our pre-course survey, which you'll fill out after completing enrollment.