What kind of job support do you offer for UX Academy students?

Once you’ve graduated from UX Academy, you’ll begin Career Services. Think of Career Services as Phase 3 of UX Academy. The overall goal is to help you identify the job opportunities out there, and ensure that you have the resources and feedback you need to capitalize on them!

Career Services lasts for 26 weeks following your graduation, during which you’ll be paired with your own Career Coach. A Career Coach is a specialist mentor with either hiring experience or a track record of landing jobs at well-known companies. They will help you search for a generalist role as a UX, UI, or Product Designer (whether full-time, part-time, internship, or freelance).

You'll have up to 26 sessions with your Coach. You can use these calls to help streamline your online presence, add extra polish to your portfolio, prepare for interviews, sharpen your networking skills, and understand the art of negotiating and accepting offers.


Please note: even if your city is not currently on our list of cities that are eligible for our tuition reimbursement policy, we promise to provide you with the same level of support and guidance as any other UX Academy graduate.