How does UX Academy compare to our other short courses?

Our UX courses on the site right now are good ways to build a foundation in various skills in the field. Each course is about 40 hours of total work which will give you series of projects.

Here are some examples of past student work to get a feel for how deep the projects go:

We've seen students improve their skills at a pretty rapid pace on our platform, especially with the quality of our mentors. However, with 40 hours of coursework, we like to be realistic about outcomes so we don't really promote job readiness for these shorter courses.

UX Academy is a comprehensive program with 480 hours of coursework aimed at helping you build the hard and soft skills you need to break into UX. In addition to teaching you the skills, we'll work with you to build a thorough portfolio, develop your ability to communicate around design and product decisions, and practice with mock interviews.

If you're interested in learning more, submit your email on the UX Academy page. We'll send you additional information and reach out to set up a call to answer any questions you might have.