How many projects will I work on during UX Academy?

The 480-hour UX Academy program is split into two halves, or "phases." Phase 1 is devoted to skills building, and you'll be working through a series of 40-60 hour modules that cover the UX process (topics like User Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping & Testing, UI Design, and more). Phase 2 is focused on portfolio-building, through in-depth capstone projects that you work on.

In total, you'll do over 50 short projects in the first half of the course in the form of many hands-on exercises to help you build skills. The small projects you complete in Phase 1 build on themselves to form a cohesive final project that many students choose to showcase in their portfolios. In Phase 2, you'll build out your portfolio through 3 more in-depth capstone projects.

One of the goals in the course is to help you create a strong body of work, and to end up with well-crafted projects that showcase your abilities as a designer.