Do you offer certifications/degrees?

When you complete any of our courses, you will gain a certificate of completion which details your newfound skills and project work. You can add these to your resume and share them on LinkedIn to showcase your professional skills.

When it comes to UX Academy, while you will also receive a certificate of completion, the main deliverable will be your professional UX/UI portfolio ā€” something that will ultimately help you land a job in the industry.

What's important to note is there are very few certifications or accredited programs when it comes to learning UX/UI, as the industry is so young. Based on our graduates' successes in UX Academy, and our own experience of the industry, we believe that the formal degrees and certifications that do exist are of limited value. Employers are usually more interested in the level of skill and experience on display in your design portfolio when they consider whether or not to hire you.

Through UX Academy's combination of project-based learning and 1-on-1 mentoring, we aim to give you a leg up in that regard by helping you build a robust portfolio containing 4 portfolios projects that you can present to prospective employers.