Can I resume UX Academy Foundations if I never completed the course?

All students who enroll in UX Academy Foundations have 8 weeks to complete the course materials and utilize the 8 mentor sessions. Even if you don't complete the coursework within the 8-week time frame, you'll continue to have access to the materials and can finish them at your own pace; however, you'll lose access to mentorship after the end date of your course.


Students who wish to resume an incomplete UX Academy Foundations course after the end date and receive full mentor support can do so by reaching out to the Admissions Team at to reinstate their enrollment. 


Reinstatement Policy

  • Cost: Reinstatement requires a one-time $100 fee. The reinstatement fee must be paid upfront and in full in order for your course to be reinstated.
  • Mentorship: Upon reinstatement, you'll be paired with a new mentor and regain access to any unused mentor sessions.
  • Duration: You'll have 8 weeks in which to complete the course and use any remaining mentor sessions.
  • Limited to 1 reinstatement. If you fail to complete the course after reinstatement, you can still access all the materials and finish at your own pace without mentorship. If you want to make use of mentorship, you must re-enroll and pay the full tuition. 
  • Canceled enrollments: If you previously canceled your UX Academy Foundations enrollment, your course cannot be reinstated and you must re-enroll and pay the full tuition.


Note: In some cases, we're unable to reinstate a UX Academy Foundations enrollment. For example, if you request a reinstatement after a significant length of time has passed or if you have 0 unused mentor sessions. In such cases, your Admissions Coordinator will be happy to advise on the best next steps for successfully completing the course — whether that means completing it at your own pace or re-enrolling.

If we're unable to reinstate your course due to the significant time elapsed or 0 remaining mentor sessions, we're happy to provide a discount when you re-enroll. Please reach out to the Admissions Team at for more details.