FAQs about Capstones


For the end to end, what are the required screens needed to submit? And for what medium — web or mobile app?

Every capstone has a requirement of at least 5 screens. This can be found in the Portfolio Submission Checklist under the Case Study Checklist tab. The “medium” or viewport they are designing for is mobile app and that is shared in numerous places, including the learning goals, the unit page copy, and the four project briefs.




Is it appropriate to also redesign a site while I’m adding a feature?

We would recommend that you choose a website that has an existing style guide / design system for this project, as the intent is for you to practice adding features and navigating an existing set of visual design constraints and choices.


What fidelity wireframes do we need to test? Do we need to develop high-fidelity mockups for this project as well?

You can design and test mid fidelity prototypes, iterate on your research learnings and have these as clickable prototypes in your case study, and not take them further in terms of fidelity. However, be aware that for your final output, it would be best to also have high fidelity UI screens that show off your UI skills. As such, most of our students choose to design high fidelity prototypes because this meets both needs.



I’m interviewing one of my research participants in another language — is it possible to do the full Capstone in that language?

You can do it in another language, as long as you also translate it into English for the portfolio review team.

At my current company, I have been presented with an opportunity to redesign an interface. There are a variety of issues with this experience and they need help conducting user interviews, designing user flows, low, mid, high fi mockups etc. Would Designlab approve of me using this project for my final capstone? Note, it would not have a mobile app component (just web), but would be shipped by engineers and have measurable business impact. 

Yes, as long as you create responsive screens of the web design — you can use this for your end-to-end experience Capstone.

I’m trying to complete one of my capstones. I just finished user testing, and everyone had good experiences and didn’t have any suggestions for things I should revise, but I see that revisions are required from research? As it says on the portfolio submission guide. I have revisions I’ve made based on what my mentor has told me and from Goup Crits. There’s just none from user testing because everyone was satisfied.

If you and your mentor are positive that the test went well with no changes required from user feedback, we would recommend:

  • Discussing the revisions made from your mentor and Group Crits feedback
  • Talking through the key takeways from user testing 
  • Note that revisions don’t always have to come from negative critique. Talk through any other opportunities you would follow up on with the prototype based on the positive feedback (as in, if a majority of users said X was great, do you have any thoughts on changes you’d make?)


Also, this may be an opportunity to evaluate how you’re asking questions during your user tests (are you digging in enough?).

Is it necessary to run a Usability Test during the lo-fi portion of building, or will a single usability test using the hi-fidelity designs be adequate?

A single usability test is sufficient.


Can I use a single project across multiple Capstones?

No, you need unique problems and concepts for each capstone. While you can have similar, or the same industry across multiple capstones, this is also not strongly recommended. It’s usually a better strategy to have diversity in your portfolio so that you have a broader range of work to show hiring managers.