Can I pause my UX Academy Foundations coursework?

Currently, students aren’t able to formally pause their UX Academy Foundations coursework. However, the prerequisite is meant to be flexible, and if you wanted to take some time away from the course for some reason, you could certainly do so. For instance, if you needed to take a week away from your studies, you could then double up on units the following week, in order to catch up. One good thing to also keep in mind is that you will have life-long access to your UX Academy Foundations coursework. 

One good thing to note is that while UX Academy Foundations is meant to be done at the pace best-suited for you, taking longer than the official 8-week run time can impact your application. This is why it’s important to manage your time, and be mindful of completing your course in the set time frame, to avoid any potential consequences in regards to your application when looking to continue towards UX Academy.