Will taking UX Academy Foundations guarantee me entry in UX Academy?

While UX Academy Foundations does have an excellent rate of success as far as preparing students for entry into UX Academy (over 90% of applicants so far have been accepted!), direct entrance into UX Academy is never guaranteed. Students will be assessed on multiple criteria for entry into UX Academy, which includes their final design challenge review, whether or not they have completed UX Academy Foundations on time, forfeiture of mentorship sessions, and professionalism in their interactions with the Designlab community. 

Additionally, students may sometimes be asked to complete another iteration of their final design project based on feedback from their application reviewer. While applications are reviewed in the order that they’re received, we never guarantee a space in any particular cohort, as we do have caps on the number of accepted students each round. This helps to ensure that valuable resources, such as mentors and Group Crit sessions, do not become overextended, so that we can continue to provide the highest quality of learning experiences for our students as we possibly can!