How does mentorship work in UX Academy Foundations?

How we pair you with your mentor

Before you begin your UX Academy Foundations course, you’ll be asked about your scheduling and availability, to ensure you’re paired with someone with whom you’re compatible in that regard. One good thing to note is that while we’ll make sure that we match you with someone that is available in the times you denote, we do not match based on timezone/location. We’ve found that being in the same location as your mentor has no effect on student success, outcome, or course completion. 


How you'll work with your mentor

Feedback from your mentor will be twofold! Every time you submit a version of a project to the Designlab platform, your mentor will get back to you with specific written commentary within 24–48 hours. Additionally, you’ll have video call sessions with your mentor as you move through the coursework, to have the opportunity to talk more thoroughly about questions, projects, and feedback. 


How scheduling sessions works

You’ll have 8 mentorship sessions overall, with each session approximately one hour in length. These meetings will take place over an app such as Zoom or Google Hangouts. 

You can book your mentor sessions out in advance — remember to schedule one per unit regardless of your track—this can be a nice way to keep yourself accountable! Once your final project has been completed and approved by your mentor, you'll no longer have the ability to book sessions from your dashboard. However, you can still continue to meet with your mentor after you've finished the coursework, as long as the sessions have been scheduled beforehand. 

You're also able to schedule sessions with your mentor after the course has technically ended. However, this can only be done on your mentor's end. They'll be able to schedule sessions through their dashboard. However, please keep in mind that your mentor is not obligated to continue working with you once your course has concluded, and the choice to do so is completely at their discretion. 


Important notes

Please keep in mind that if you do not hand in assignments, work through iterations, or engage with your mentor for more than one week during your course, you may be considered inactive within UX Academy Foundations. If you're inactive for the majority of the first 4 weeks of UX Academy Foundations, you'll be unpaired from your mentor automatically. We also reserve the right to unpair you from your mentor if we deem that you've become inactive at any stage of your enrollment. If you're unpaired from your mentor during the 8-week timeframe of your course and wish to continue, please email We can assist you in getting re-paired with a mentor so you can continue to have support. 

One final good thing to note is that if you have to reschedule a mentorship session, you must do so more than 24 ahead of time, otherwise your session will be forfeited. Forfeiting 2 or more mentorship sessions will be taken into consideration when reviewing your application for UX Academy as per the prerequisites