How is UX Academy Foundations different from other short courses?

UX Academy Foundations is our prerequisite course geared specifically towards UX Academy, and will provide you with a fundamental understanding of UI topics, such as color theory, typography, alignment, hierarchy, and more.

UX Academy Foundations is comprised of 8 units that are each approximately 10-15 hours in length and focus on a unique topic related to an important learning area within UI. This means that while most of our short courses average about 60 hours in length, UX Academy Foundations is a bit longer, with about 80-120 hours of coursework total. You can learn a bit more about the different aspects of Foundations below!


Throughout UX Academy Foundations, you’ll go through hands-on project work, copy work, and text or audio-based content to further your understanding of each topic. Additionally, there will be Figma tutorials provided in the course, to assist in your comprehension of the tools. This is a completely unique aspect of UX Academy Foundations, and will help to further facilitate your understanding of the tools you’ll be using once you move forward into UX Academy. 

Mentorship & Group Crits 

While our other short courses include one mentorship session per week, for 4 sessions in total, UX Academy Foundations is designed to provide you with 1 mentorship session per unit, for 8 sessions overall. This means that you’ll be getting twice the amount of sessions throughout the duration of the course, allowing you to receive more face-to-face time with your mentor, and get double the amount of feedback. Additionally, as a UX Academy Foundations student you’ll participate in one Group Crit session, to get a feel for what these will be like once you move into UX Academy. 


Our other short courses all run for 4 weeks, but UX Academy Foundations is meant to be flexible, and can be completed at a slower pace of around 10 hours per week over 8 weeks, or much quicker, in as little as 4 weeks! If you’re looking to begin UX Academy in the month after your UX Academy Foundations cohort launches (for instance, if you were beginning UX Academy Foundations in December, and wanted to start UX Academy in January), you should generally look to complete the prerequisite course in about 4 weeks, which means you would need to complete  2 Units per week at an approximate time commitment of 20 hours per week. 

All of these aspects work to make UX Academy Foundations unique, and set you up for success as much as possible as you look towards entering into the UX Academy bootcamp.