What will happen on launch day of UX Academy Foundations?

You’ll be able to access your Foundations coursework on launch day! You’ll receive an email from us detailing information about onboarding, accessing the UX Academy Foundations curriculum, and who your mentor is, as well as how to set up your first session.

Once your course launches, you’ll have access to the material for the rest of your life! One good thing to note is that you will generally lose access to your mentor after the 8-week end date of the course. 

Please note that you must go through all of the onboarding steps sent out on launch day in order to gain access to the course material and start setting up your sessions with your mentor. 

You’ll be provided with a list of days and time to schedule your first session with your mentor. If the times listed do not work for you, you can select the button that says “None of these work for me” which will allow you to get in touch with your mentor so you can coordinate a better time.

If you don't complete your scheduling at this point via the Designlab system, you will need to email your mentor in order for them to manually add the sessions on their end.

However, in the rare event that your schedules are completely incompatible, you can get in touch with our support team and they will help you out. 

Please note: You will lose the ability to book/reschedule mentor sessions once your course ends, so you need to have them all scheduled ahead of the end date of your short course.