What will happen on launch day of UX Academy Foundations?

A new cohort of Foundations launches at the beginning of each month. Here's what to expect on your course launch date:

Course launch time

The course typically launches at 12pm ET and will launch no later than 5pm ET. If you haven't received launch emails and it's still earlier than 5pm ET, we kindly ask that you do not reach out to the team to ask for course access. We're working diligently to get your course launched and you'll have access soon! If you still don't have access after 5pm ET, please check your spam and promotions folders in your email inbox as sometimes the information ends up there. If you still don't have access, please reach out to admissions@designlab.com and we'll help you out.

You don't need to be in front of your computer right when the course launches. You'll have access to everything you need and can complete the onboarding steps at any point after the course launches.

Course launch emails

When the course launches, you'll receive three emails:

  1. Platform access email: this email will prompt you to sign into your profile on the Designlab platform.
  2. Mentor introduction email: this email will let you know who your mentor is and prompt you to reach out to start getting acquainted!
  3. Discord community invitation: this email will invite you to join the Designlab community on Discord. If you're not familiar with Discord, make sure to watch the walk-thru video tutorial we send you for how to get started.

Onboarding steps

Once you receive the course launch emails, make sure to do the following:

  1. Access the course platform and complete the short onboarding that provides an overview of the course. Once you've reviewed all of the onboarding materials, you'll be able to see your dashboard and get started on Unit 1 assignments!
  2. Reach out to your mentor to say hello and propose a few times for your first session. You'll use the "Propose session" function in your dashboard to share several days and times that work well for you. (Here's more information about scheduling mentor sessions in Foundations.)
  3. Create or sign into your Discord account and use the invite link you received via email to join the Designlab community server within Discord. Follow the prompts to review our community guidelines and get verified. Once you're verified, you'll have access to the full range of Foundations channels and can connect with our community members!

Please note: you must complete all of the onboarding steps in order to gain access to the course material, start setting up your sessions with your mentor, and interacting in our community space. 


If you need help with getting started in Foundations, please reach out to admissions@designlab.com and we'll be happy to assist. Our team responds to emails within 24 hours on business days, so if you don't hear back immediately rest assured that we'll get back to you within that window!