How does the UX Academy Foundations tuition credit work?

The UX Academy Foundations tuition is USD $499, charged on the start date of the course. Students who complete UX Academy Foundations and continue on to the UX Academy bootcamp program will automatically receive a $500 credit toward their UX Academy tuition as outlined below.


Tuition Credit Details

Students can apply to any cohort of UX Academy they want; however, they must enroll in a cohort of UX Academy that starts within 7 months of their UX Academy Foundations start date in order to have the tuition credit applied.

For example, a student who enrolls in the June cohort of UX Academy Foundations must apply to one of the following cohorts of UX Academy to have the tuition credited applied:

  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • January

Students who would like to enroll in a cohort of UX Academy that starts more than 7 months after their UX Academy Foundations start date are welcome to do so! They just wouldn’t be eligible to have their UX Academy Foundations tuition credited toward UX Academy. 


UX Academy Application Prerequisites

All applicants to UX Academy must demonstrate that they meet our prerequisite criteria. The 7-month window in which UX Academy Foundations students can have their tuition credited toward UX Academy align with the timeframe in which they can use their UX Academy Foundations final project to fulfill the UX Academy application prerequisites.

If more than 7 months have elapsed between a student’s UX Academy Foundations start date and their intended UX Academy cohort, we’ll require the student to provide a more recent example of their project work to demonstrate the skills they learned in UX Academy Foundations are still sharp. (You can find more details about re-applying to UX Academy and applying after a substantial time period here.)


How to Be Successful

Our goal is to support you to successfully complete the UX Academy program and launch your career in UX/UI design. We’ve found that timely completion of UX Academy Foundations and continuation into UX Academy with as little a gap as possible between the two courses has several strong benefits:

  • The knowledge and skills you learn in UX Academy Foundations are as sharp as can be!
  • You build and maintain momentum during UX Academy Foundations, so it’s great to capitalize on the good study habits and rhythms by continuing directly into UX Academy.
  • The sooner you start UX Academy the sooner you’ll be ready to start your job search. We know the job search takes time, so the best time to start is now.


Note: Students who enrolled in a cohort of UX Academy Foundations that started in March 2023 or earlier can apply their tuition credit toward any cohort of UX Academy up through the December 2023 cohort.