I'm in Career Services, and I've been hired!

First off, congratulations to you!! We'd love to know more about the position, so that we can both have accurate reporting and understand how to improve the experience for future students. You can let us know more via the "I've been hired" survey in your Career Services dashboard. 


What's next in Career Services? 

If the role is part-time, or less than 30 hours per week, you can opt to remain in Career Services for the rest of your sessions until landing a full-time position, as long as you are continuing to meet the weekly activity requirements. 


If the role is greater than 30 hours per week, this most likely means you won't be continuing with your job search at this time, which means you've achieved the goal of Career Services! At this point, your enrollment in Career Services can be considered complete, but don't worry, you'll continue to have access to the dashboard, Discord, and Huntr. 


This being said, we do recognize that you may want to connect with your mentor for a few more sessions to discuss jumping in to the position or negotiating aspects of your offer. We offer the option to opt in to 2 more sessions with your Coach to be used within 2 weeks.