I'm not based in a U.S. time zone. Can I still take UX Academy?

UX Academy is fully online and mostly asynchronous, which means there's no set schedule for when you need to complete your coursework. You can participate regardless of where in the world you're located — as long as you have internet access! 

We have a global community of mentors and career coaches to help accommodate students living in different regions around the world. When you enroll in UX Academy, we'll ask about your availability for mentor sessions to help us pair you with a mentor whose schedule is compatible with yours. Additionally, we offer Group Crits seven days a week across all hours of the day to accommodate different time zones and schedules. 

The map below highlights where our graduates have landed jobs across the world:


If you have any more questions about UX Academy, please don't hesitate to reach out to admissions@designlab.com