How do Group Crits work in UX Academy Foundations? Do I need to attend one?

During your time in UX Academy Foundations, we highly recommend that you participate in one Group Crit! This introductory session is to help you get acquainted with how Group Crits will be structured once you're in UX Academy, so you can get a feel for them before moving on to the full bootcamp program. It's also great practice towards enhancing your soft skills in design, such as giving and receiving constructive criticism on your work and the work of others, and speaking about design in a collaborate space. 

We recommend scheduling your Group Crit after you've reached Unit 4 of UX Academy Foundations. This unit of learning focuses around the value of receiving feedback and creating iterative work. Therefore, attending a Group Crit within this timeline will make the most sense in relation to the curriculum structure! 

While we highly recommend that you participate in a Group Crit during UX Academy Foundations, attending a session is not one of the prerequisite requirements for entry in UX Academy. You are able to apply to submit an application and be considered for the program without attending a Group Crit.