When can I expect to hear back about my UX Academy application?

You can expect to hear back our Admissions team within 4 business days after submitting your application. We do recommend keeping an eye on your Spam bucket, as every so often, our emails will end up there. 

Occasionally, you will receive a request for an iteration on your work, rather than an outright decision about your application. Please keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you’ve produced bad work, or that you are on track to be rejected from the program. The goal of asking for an iteration establishes that you are close to meeting requirements for admissions, but that your project work or design thinking may just need a bit more fine-tuning in order to qualify for acceptance. 

If you do receive a request for an iteration, please make sure to get back to us in longer than 7 days from the time you received the request. Otherwise, your application will be cancelled, and you will need to re-apply for a future cohort of UX Academy.

One good thing to note is that applicants may only apply to the same cohort twice. If you are unable to gain entry into UX Academy thereafter, you may apply again next month! However, priority in each cohort will be given to first-time applicants. 

If you have any questions about the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact admissions@trydesignlab.com.