Partnership Projects

Q: What are Partnerships? 

A: We are actively speaking to a variety of companies throughout the year to find project and work opportunities for students in Career Services. These are typically freelance or internship projects that help you add to your portfolio as you continue your job search.

Q: How do Partnerships work?

A: Partnerships are facilitated as follows:

  1. Students express interest by filling out the Partnerships survey as they enter Career Services. This survey is also available in the Course Links in their Dashboard.
  2. Designlab reaches out to students via email when there is a potential opportunity. 
  3. If students are interested, Designlab sends that person’s portfolio to the company.
  4. If the company is interested, Designlab introduces students to the company.
  5. Student interviews with company.
  6. Student tracks interview process in Huntr.
  7. Company makes selection and project begins.
  8. (Optional) Company can use Designlab template paperwork to arrange scope of work and timeline with the student.
  9. Student tells Designlab a match has been made, and completes the “I’ve been Hired” and “Partnerships” surveys on their Dashboard to update availability and report an outcome. 

Q: Are Partnership opportunities paid? 

A: It depends on the opportunity. You can express interest in Paid, Unpaid, or both types of opportunities and we will match you accordingly. 

Q: What kinds of companies can I expect to work with? 

A: All kinds! We have placed students with startups, small businesses, design agencies, university accelerators, and global tech companies. 

Q: How long do projects last?

A: We’ve typically seen projects scoped for 40-100 hours of work, at a rate of 10-20 hours per week, though we have also placed students in longer term internships. 

Q: Does Designlab manage these projects at all? 

A: No, after the initial introduction, it’s up to you and the company. We want this to be as authentic an experience as possible. You should ask about things like timelines, hours, and deliverables during the interview process.

Q: What if the project ends early or is put on hold? 

A: Let us know if that happens and we’ll add you back to our pool of available candidates. 

Q: I’m eventually looking for a full time job. If this is just a freelance project, does it count as a Hire? 

A: Yes, absolutely! You should fill out the “I’ve Been Hired” survey for as many times as you find a project. This does not remove you from Career Services, and you should count every success for what it is! Depending on the length of your project, you may want to take a Pause while working and continue with your Coaching sessions after completion, or keep going so you have your Coach as a resource as you complete the work.

Q: Does this count as an Interview in Huntr? 

A: Yes! Please record all Partnerships activity in Huntr as you would with any other applications. 

Q: Can I keep interviewing while working in a Partnership? 

A: Yes, our partners know that the main goal for most of our students is a full time placement. If you do get a full time offer while in a Partnership, let us and them know, and we will work to find them a new student. If you are in final stages with a full time offer and we reach out regarding a partnership opportunity, we ask that you let us know so we can place a student who may have more availability. 

Q: I have a full time job at the moment, even though I’d like to switch into design. Can I sign up for Partnership opportunities?

A: Most opportunities will be at least 10-20+ hours a week, and require some business hours conversation. If you don’t think that commitment is possible, please keep an eye on the #job-opportunities channel in the community Slack channel for full time options. 

Q: I have more questions!

A: Email and we’re happy to help with your individual situation.