Can I request a specific mentor?

Mentorship is an important component of our courses, and we want to make sure you have a productive and insightful experience with our programs.

Upon enrollment in UX Academy, we ask a series of questions that help us with matching you with the appropriate mentor. As much as we'd love to always be able to match you with your top choice, please keep in mind that there are multiple factors that can affect our ability to match you with specific mentors:

  • Whether they mentor for the course you are interested in
  • If they have enough capacity 
  • If they are available for the cohort (i.e. if they are on holiday during a particular cohort)

Rest assured that we've vetted all of our mentors to ensure that they have the experience and skillset to guide all of our students through the UX and UI components of the program. To learn more about our vetting process, you can check out this article here